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    Hi! I'm a 20 year veteran creator of videogames with a love for creating original IP and leading amazing teams.


    My first home computer was a ZX81 (1k of memory!) and I came into the games industry just before the launch of the original PlayStation, a transformational event for our industry.


    I've worked in both Publishing (Warner Interactive, GT Interactive) & Development (Rockstar Games, LucasArts) until 2011 when I founded a game development studio called Dynamighty, with my friend John Elliot.


    My philosophy around game development is that great games are made by great teams, and great teams coalesce around shared values, talent & passion. My brain is wired for creative collaboration & I love the unique challenge of fitting together the diverse kinds of minds & skill sets required to make something amazing.


    I love to make games that have authenticity, a defined personality, and have a strong heart. As well as being absolutely kick ass with a player first focus.


    I co-founded Dynamighty in 2011 with my friend John Elliot. We developed CounterSpy as our debut title and released it Summer 2014 for PlayStation 4, PS3, PS Vita, iPhone & Android. Our second title was Fingers of Fury, an iOS game that emerged from a post CounterSpy game jam.


    I was the Creative Director, Level Designer, Co-Producer & Tea-Maker for Dynamighty. As a small team, everyone wore multiple hats and did whatever it took to ship something we could be proud of.


    We were honored to receive a BAFTA nomination for CounterSpy in 2015.

    Released 2014

    PS4, PS3, PS Vita, iOS, Android

    Launch Trailer


    July 2015


    Launch Trailer



    I've worked as Creative Director, Project Lead, Level Designer, Producer, even QA on many titles over the years. These are some of my favorites.

    pc, xbla (2009)

    I was the Creative Lead for this title when I ran LucasLabs, a small team creating digital titles at LucasArts.


    I'd love to put this game on iOS it would be perfect for touch devices.

    PC, XBLA, iOS (2009)

    The first title that we developed at LucasLabs, a remake of a classic game that was dear to all our hearts.


    This was such a labor of love for the team!

    XBox, PS2 (2005)

    During pre-production, I got to work closely with my dear friend Greg Bick, who was the Creative Director on this title.


    The Rockstar Toronto studio did an amazing job I still can't believe we got to make a game based on such a classic movie. Only Rockstar could have made it happen.

    PC, XBox (2002)

    As the publishing Producer, I was honored to work with Croteam on this title for XBox, as well as the original Second Encounter game for PC.


    They are one of the most talented developers I've known and definitely amongst the nicest.

    PS2, Xbox, PC (2001)


    I was at Rockstar during an amazing time and tended to apply my creativity across a range of titles. 


    After helping finish GTA2, I was fortunate to be part of the research team doing pre-production work for GTA3, including extensive field trips around NYC with members of the development team capturing photo reference!

    Playstation (1998)

    I contributed multiplayer maps to this game published by GT Interactive, as well as many late nights doing QA!


    The game won an Action Game of the Year Award from Sony in 1998.

    PlayStation (1996)

    This was the first soccer game to be released on the original Sony PlayStation. 


    I did QA & all the player stats. It was the first title I got to jump in and actually be a real contributor on!

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