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    Creative Director, Worldbuilder, Game Developer, Storyteller


    Hi! I'm a 20 year veteran creator of videogames with a love for creating original IP, storytelling and leading amazing teams. I specialize in worldbuilding, IP development and leading teams to create cohesive, distinct aspirational characters, worlds and stories that build lifetime audiences.


    Today, I work at Riot Games, where I lead creative development on VALORANT, an Original IP and Tactical Shooter that launched in June 2020.


    Previously, I created alt-fantasy worlds for League of Legends such as Odyssey, High Noon Gothic and True Damage.


    My philosophy around game development is that great games are made by great teams, and great teams coalesce around shared values, talent & passion. My brain is wired for creative collaboration & I love the unique challenge of fitting together the diverse kinds of minds & skill sets required to make something amazing.


    I love to make games that have authenticity, a defined personality, and have a strong heart. As well as being absolutely kick ass with a player first focus.


    Directing the magical intersection of art, music, audio, narrative to create the distinct, memorable, cohesive voice of the game.






    Dynamighty was a Games Studio founded by myself and John Elliot in 2011 to create original videogames. The studio operated from 2011 to 2015 and during that time, developed CounterSpy for console and mobile, and Fingers of Fury for iOS.


    CounterSpy was BAFTA nominated for Best Debut Game in 2015.

    Creative Director
    Released 2014
    PS4, PS3, PS Vita, iOS, Android

    Fingers of Fury

    July 2015



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